How does Aadhar Pay work?

Government of India has at the end launched Aadhar Pay aap. This app supports cashless transaction of money for merchants. With the help of Aadhar Pay aap, the customers without smartphones can also pay using the cashless payment system. This is biggest advantage for merchants. The people can definitely bank on this app who are shopkeepers or who run a business and wish a digital payment setup. In this item, we have expressed the working system of Aadhar Payment app. This app work on internet connectivity.

Credit card/debit card fees – No need!

Government does not ask for any fees per transaction for using Aadhar Pay and Merchant’s aadhar pay absolutely eliminates credit card or debit card fees as it is free. Hence, you do not require paying per transaction fee especially to companies such as MasterCard and Visa for using their payment gateway and even the POS machines at your shops or showrooms.

No smartphones needed

Even if you are a customer and you do not have any smartphone then also you can do cashless payments using this app. Nevertheless, merchant must have a smartphone and app should be installed in it and fingerprint scanner to receive payments.

Linking of Aadhar number to bank account is required by customers

Customers need to link their Aadhar number to their corresponding ban accounts which they want to use to pay for using the app. For net banking payments, customer id and other such details are not needed. Although, the bank account of the user should be linked with Aadhar number to make transactions.

Working of Aadhar Payment App

The merchant will primarily have to download the Aadhar Pay aap from Google play store and install it in order to create the setup of accepting digital payment. Right now, only for android platform the app is available. In order to impart fingerprint scanning facility to the customers, the merchant will require connecting and installing a biometric scanner and link it with the app.

When the customer wishes to use the system for payments, he will say it to the merchant. Now the merchant requires filling the amount and then telling the customer to fill the aadhar number in the interface of the app. Now, the customer can choose the bank to pay the amount. Biometric scanner will perform the payment authentication and verification by scanning the customer’s fingerprint.