BHIM App QR Code – How to generate it for Payments

If we check the comments and views made by the users on Google Play store then we can see that nearly everyone is impressed by the BHIM digital payment app. Because of its simplicity, super clean interface and ease of use, this app is considered as effective launch. The app is trouble free for everyone. There are no needless features and the app is simple. The app is a straightforward process for sending and receiving money.

Another exciting feature to pay is QR Code scanning. To request and send the money is easier and faster by scanning the code. In this piece of writing, we have highlighted some facts regarding the working of the system and generation of QR code in bhim app to collect and deposit money in a faster way.

The standard transaction money features which are present in BHIM app are fantastic for all users. However, if a person needs faster option to send and request money then he must go for QR code method. In the app’s interface, you can generate the code and then allow the sender scan it to give in few minutes. Now this is super easy to generate the printable QR Code along with the app and anyone can do it to be able to transmit the money in seconds. In the world of digital payment, it is the fastest way to do transaction of money. You only need to generate the code and then pass it to the sender and scan.

Guidelines to generate the QR Code

  • You need to follow the steps mentioned below in order to generate the bhim app QR Code exclusively for your own account.
  • Primarily you need to open the bhim app in the mobile
  • Move to the home page of the app and click on the profile column
  • For generating QR Code, you need to choose an account.
  • You can now do two things.
  • Either you can print it to let the sender scan it to remit you payments or for showing it to the customers