BHIM App Cashback offer and referral bonus

Customers can now use the BHIM – Aadhar aap which is integrated with UIDAI database and through this, the customers can now do cashless digital money transaction system. Government is also forcing merchants to use it through offering them cash back under the latest scheme.

In order to push the digital payments in India, with the use of Aadhar Pay aap, the government is providing the referral bonus and cash back scheme. National Payments Corporation of India has developed the revamped version of the app.

Bhim App has become an effective attempt in facilitating electronic payments by consumers. Actually the new Aadhar Pay aap depends on android assembled smartphone app. This app is directly linked to aadhar data base and that will force merchants to accept the payments by providing fingerprint scanner. To encourage this use, the government will offer many cash back schemes.

Steps to earn money using Bhim app Referral bonus and cash back

The Bhim App referral bonus scheme is suitable for both new users and existing users. Only after the three different financial transaction made by the new user, the referral will be fulfilled. After this cash back will be credited to the consumer’s account.

After the end of the three distinct transactions done by either existing user or new user, a notification concerning referral bonus in Bhim app will be sent to user. New user will be assigned Rs. 25 and existing user will be assigned Rs. 10 per referral for downloading and making transaction with the help of the Bhim Aadhar Payment aap.

Beside this, there is a cash back plan for the merchants only. In this, the merchant can earn upto Rs. 300 each month by suggesting the app to new merchants who wants to make use of app for accepting the digital payments.