Transfer Money through the BHIM App without Internet

Is it possible to transfer money one account to another without internet? Every persons have confused how it possible. So here we are going to sharing some latest updates and things that happened on same things. In present India is going to become a digital country using the digital technology. In the Modi Government the technology is growth so high in technical filed.

Former CEO of Digital India Corporation and at this time, Special Secretary Sanjeev Gupta in the Home Ministry tweeted that he has transferred money without any internet access by BHIM app in 37 seconds. This money was transferred from Andaman Nicobar to Chamba in Himachal Pradesh. There was no internet on both sides but money transfer was successful.

Now the answer of your questions is here. It can be done with the help of BHIM App if it connected to your bank account. The number you are using in BHIM App must be linked to your bank account. Now the USSD platform has been upgraded. You can transfer fund with BHIM App using the registered mobile number with your account. You will have to registered with BHIM App with all required details and also connect the account with BHIM App.

If you have no internet and want to transfer fund to another place then use the BHIM App to the transaction. First of you have to dial the number *99#. After dialled the number a new screen will display on screen with many options like Send Money, Request Money, Check Balance, My Profile, Pending Requests, Transactions and UPI Pin. You have to choose the right option from them. The money can be transfer by the mobile number, Payment address, saved benefits, IFSC Code and account number.